Shirley Weatherford Hillhouse

Profile Updated: December 3, 2012
Address: Spokane Valley, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Robert Hillhouse
Occupation: retired
Children (and grandkids?): I have 3 grown children. Toni, born in 1970 is married and lives in Georgia and has 3 daughters. My More…son, Erik, born in 1972 is married and lives in Spokane and has a daughter and son. Vicki was born in 1976, is married and lives in Walla Walla. We have a new granddaughter born June 26th,2009. Vicki and Charlie named her Eva Carolynn.
E-mail address:

Current interests, hobbies, passions:

I love scrapbooking, reading and relaxing. My husband and I babysit grandkids after school. We also take family vacations and love camping.

If you have grandkids, what name do they call you?

All of them call us grandma and grandpa.

Whatcha been doin' since '69:

I have lived here in Spokane or the near by area. I also went to Mississippi for awhile. I worked some at various places. Mostly I have been involved with family and volunteer work. I helped out at the elementary school in the area for several years. I have also been day care for my grown kids.
2010 has been a pretty good year. We spent the month of May traveling. Started in Spokane and ended up in Savannah, Georgia. Attended a granddaughters high school graduation. Toured the southern city and was amazed at the history. Hit Mt. Rushmore on the way home. Rob located several family members grave sites and up dated his ancestry. His major hobby. Then end of the year is busy and we are ging to celebrate with family.

Funniest Mead memory:

It has taken me some time to gather my thoughts but here goes. I remember when we were juniors and in U.S. History class someone hooked up the hose and srayed our class. Mr. Stone just sat there like he usually did. I was with Cheryl in Home Ec. when she had the "roadapple candy". That was very funny. Senior year in Mr. McInturff's book keeping class our table was pretty bad and one day someone brought in a Gainsburger. Of course we had to taste in and from then on I felt bad for dogs and their food. Ah, such memories!!!

Fellow classmate you were fondest of (and why):

Nancy Utermark (Gardner) and I have remained friends all these years. We don't see each other as often as we would like just because of life in general but we always have a good time when we are altogether.

What's your biggest regret from your years at Mead High School?

Because of my father's army career my family moved alot. I went to a different school every year of high school. I started junior year in Olympia and transfered to Mead in October 1967. I wish I could have been longer and made more friends and experiences.

Teacher who made the greatest impact on you.

Mr. Gray. He was young and seemed to relate to all the kids at the time. He understod where we were coming from.

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Our family Manito Park July 2012. Son Erik, wife Jen, Kids Zach and kassie. Rob and I. Son-in-law Charlie, daughter Vicki and Eva. Daughter Toni, son-in-law david, Hailey, Courtney and Holly