John Stuivenga

Profile Updated: March 27, 2017
Address: Tacoma, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: M Denise, we both use our middle names
Occupation: Director, Clinical Engineering, CHI Franciscan Health
Military Service: USAF  
Children (and grandkids?): Denise and I have four beautiful daughters: Fayelyn, born 1978; Heather, born 1980; Heidi, born 1981; More…Helena, (pronounced Helena), born 1986. We have five grand children: Trenton, born 1998; Titus, born 2001;Taya, born 2004; Lynden, born 2005; Hosea John, born 2006.
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Share your military experiences:

After a few months of basic training and tech school, I was stationed at Travis AFB, 40 miles northeast of San Francisco where, as an Aircraft Loadmaster, I had the opportunity to fly as a crew member on C-141 cargo planes. I routinely flew trips to SE Asia which included stops in Honolulu, Wake Island, Guam, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and Okinawa. I also made trips to Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Australia, and New Zealand plus numerous states in the US. 1969-1974

Current interests, hobbies, passions:

I particularly enjoy participating in the ministry at Christian Faith Center where my wife and I serve as Praise Team vocalists. I also have a private pilot license and have accumulated just over 600 hours flying single engine aircraft in the last 12 years. Just before graduating high school, I purchased a Harley Davidson Police Special which I had a blast riding (even though it was suffering from being ridden hard and put away wet). Though I went many years without one, a couple years ago my wife and I purchased a Harley Electraglide Classic. We enjoy local rides, and a yearly road trip.

If you have grandkids, what name do they call you?


Whatcha been doin' since '69:

From 1970 through 1974 I lived in Sacramento while serving in the Air Force, I moved to Spokane in '74 and went to junior college, then sold homes in Spokane from '77 through '80 when interest rates went through the roof. I returned to school and received a AAS degree in Biomedical Electronics, went to Hawaii in '85 where I worked for The Queens Medical Center in Honolulu. I returned to Washington state in '89 and have been in the Tacoma area working at Franciscan Health System to date. Through the years I managed to live a messed up personal life which included three failed marriages and a promiscuous life style while single. At age 40 I had a life changing experience with the Lord. It took about 10 more years to get my life fully straightened out. I now have a new life and an awesome Christian wife with whom I get to celebrate life daily (we were married June 15th 2002). We are hooked up with one of the largest Charismatic churches in the state, and we try to inspire others to go for God's best in their lives.

Funniest Mead memory:

I remember just before graduation, Telford Burtts was painting his parents' VW in auto shop. He also painted the words 'Eat out at Louis' on the wall of the paint room. Our shop teacher, Louis Anderson, was quite amused. I still remember his jovial laughter as he informed Telford 'I finally have a volunteer to repaint the walls of the paint shop'. He then informed Telford that he would be coming in during non-school hours to complete the work. i think he got the last laugh that time.
2. I remember watching a film in agriculture class about chickens. One thing we all learned during the film is that chickens only have one orifice under their tail, known as their vent. Immediately after the film was over Ric Knapp looked over at me, and with an expression as sober as a judge, he said, "Peck my vent". Ric, you are quite the character.

Teacher who made the greatest impact on you.

Mr Shaffner made the biggest impression on my behind when I received a couple of hacks for refusing to tell him the names of the two, (Eric Morris and Bob Merkel), who uttered, 'quack, quack' as we ran past his foreign language class on our way in from the football field in PE class, (he looked up just in time to see me as I was about twenty feet behind the culprits).
Since PE and Choir were my favorite classes, I would say that Mr Hartman and Mr Fink were my two favorite teachers.

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It's John Stuivenga's birthday today.
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